Please open the links below for good news about North Bay. It started in 2010 with new and improved major infrastructure and now in 2016 we are not just seeing construction jobs but new, high-end, long term Jobs!   
This is a great time to invest in our community. 
 In 2010 we opened the New North Bay Regional Health Centre.
Estimated 1Billion invested over 30 years.
  2010 North Bay opened new Water Filtration Center
  2011 Harris Learning Library at Nipissing University 
  2011 Airport Runway resurfacing along with major renovations and expansion of our Jack Garland Airport combined
  2013 upgrading Memorial Gardens our Hockey arena.
  2011 Building the Steve Omischl Sports Field Complex
  2012-13 Phase#1of a 4 phase Industrial Business Park around the Airport has been completed and has attracted several new
Private industries 
  Our Airport was once the home of 414 Fighter Squadron and now is one of only 15 in Canada with a runway of 10,000 feet or greater. This runway can support largest cargo plane ever made. Our central location in Ontario along with highways in all directions and rail transportation capabilities, from coast to coast is of major pull for new industry needing quick access to all markets
  The City of North Bay recently paid to have an economic study done and we are about to implemented some of the findings in a new strategic plan to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for our community.  Please see Link below
  Private industry is investing Millions.
  The latest news on Tembec… it is in full swing and cannot keep up to demand. Many employees live here.
  Yes we have had Job loss in North Bay but the positive news is starting to far out way the negative, read on. 
Our Future Looks Bright smiley
In 2016
Many Film projects coming to North Bay
$20 Million Being Invested
$9.5 Million Being Invested
$25 Million Being Invested 
$20 Million Dollars Being Investment into Our City’s Infrastructure.
The Real Estate market is reacting to this positive news. Several private sector businesses have invested here.
Porter Airlines saw the upswing and invested to capitalize on the renewed economy here with daily flights.
The Sun is shining; it is an excellent time to invest in North Bay. 
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